Rank videos on #1 of YouTube 下载-上传-利润。就这么简单!(Unstoppable Live Profits)

Rank videos on #1 of YouTube 下载-上传-利润。就这么简单!(Unstoppable Live Profits)

E0al7PN - Rank videos on #1 of YouTube 下载-上传-利润。就这么简单!(Unstoppable Live Profits)


We are introducing you a perfect tool that will help you do unlimited live streaming with YouTube and lot more for free. This is something you’ll need to rank your videos high.
10-part video training that walks you step-by-step on how to profit from affiliate marketing and as well as the hungry local business market.
20 DFY local business videos, ready to make you money immediately.


Download – Upload – Profit …It’s That Simple!
“Watch How Regular Guys Rank videos on #1 of YouTube & Google in Under 6mins & Bank $150+ Days”
“…and How You Can Ethically STEAL Their System to do the Same Using Absolutely Free Methods”

“Only Way to Fail Here is Not to Try”

Copy & Paste 5 Easy Steps To Profits…
Step 1 – Download Free Software
Step 2 – Download 20 Proven DFY Videos
Step 3 – Watch Training Videos and Start Uploading Your Videos
Step 4 – Make Profit
Step 5 – Rinse And Repeat… It’s That Simple!
Get Instant Access to Unstoppable LIVE Profits Now
Start Taking Advantage of the Latest YouTube Ranking Methods to Help Local Businesses… Make More Sales for Your Affiliate, eCommerce, CPA, & Product Promotions… Build Your List, and Use This Duplicable Process to Virtually Print Money on Demand Thru Affiliate Marketing & Offline Arbitrage
Drive Traffic at Will, Grow Your Business, & Boost Your Revenue!

“See the Undeniable Proof Yourself…”

“Here’s What SIX FIGURE EARNERS James Knight & Tony Griff Have To Say About This Amazing System…”

Limited Time Special Offer !
HURRY, the price will go up SOON !

Why You Should Listen …
“Lets be honest – Today You’re here because you want to make money fast using the power of YouTube…

You’re about to discover a newbie friendly, fail-proof system (that gets you started in the next 24 hours), by ranking your videos fast and monetizing it the correct way.

Plus you don’t need to create the video as we have done all the hard work for you and giving you an exclusive package of videos to Bank you BIG money.”
From the desks of:

Ray Lane, Dexter Paglinawan, and Vick Carty

Dear Internet Marketer,

My name is Vick, and I have been involved with video marketing since 2012. Along with my trusted partners “Hurricane” Dexter and Ray “the Video Guy” Lane, we have over 15 years of experience working and earning with videos.

For the past six months, I’ve been working and testing different methods to rank videos on YouTube. After lots of trial and error, I finally found a consistent way to rank videos on Google and YouTube.

And most importantly, how to use that duplicable process to virtually print money on demand (thru affiliate marketing & offline arbitrage).

“Why You Should Have This?”.
It’s a crazy world out there, don’t you agree?

I mean… a lot of people bark “you’d make money with this and that” — only to discover, it’s not what you hoped it would be. I get it. A lot of the product creators out there simply just take the “easy way out shortcuts” in creating their products…

I’m not talking about the quality of video, or how good their members’ area look, BUT the system they teach themselves. I feel those courses are half baked, and just tested in a meager week or so. Garbage.

So, here’s my promise for you in this letter:

1) No BS
2) A lesson in making money (whether you buy or not)

“You Too Can Achieve Results Like These in the Next 24 Hrs with Our Fail-Proof System”
It wasn’t always an easy. I bought in to shiny objects here and there, and lost thousands in the process. Until one regular day, I was directed to YouTube.

It did not take me long to realize how it’s a hidden gem BECAUSE people thought it was difficult (they still do… leaving a space with almost no competition for marketers). BUT in reality, it’s one of the easiest platforms you could make money with. A lot easier than blogging or any other social media platforms.

And by sticking my nose in this platform, I’ve been able to cash in on this platform month in and out. A reality I could not even imagine for myself before.

THIS is the little-known power of YouTube.
How to Make Money Fast, Lesson #1
If you want to make money, you have to find where the money is. And when you find it you gotta ask where the low hanging fruits are. Just think about this for a minute – how many people do you know enjoy videos? In one way or another, I bet it’s a long list. And this is where you make money.

Simply bridge the highly in-demand skill of ranking videos to people who want “eyeballs to their business”. That’s digital product owners, CPA networks, ecommerce sites, and the big hungry market of local business owners. I don’t know if you’re aware of this or not – but these are the low hanging money fruits we’re talking about.

Funny thing is, there’s almost no competition in this field because a lot of people think “videos” are difficult (so they don’t do it). But boy oh boy, I’m so excited to tell you how to squeeze money juice from this market in an ethical way. It’s so easy and they will even love you for it.


Here’s What You Get Inside
Unstoppable LIVE Profits:
Part 1 – Free Live Streaming Software

We are introducing you a perfect tool that will help you do unlimited live streaming with YouTube and lot more for FREE. This is something you’ll need to rank your videos high.

Of course, there are paid software out there, but you can save money for now. We found this particular software to be a gem, used by a lot of big hit YouTubers and LIVE streamers.

You get the training on how to use this software, so you don’t get lost and enjoy the actual ranking process.

(Value: Priceless)

Part 2 – (LIVE CASE STUDY) YouTube Cash Machine

You get the most powerful business model using the power of YouTube and Live Streaming that makes you instant and passive income for as long as your videos stay relevant (evergreen topics last very long).

This 10-part video training walks you step-by-step on how to profit from affiliate marketing and as well as the hungry local business market. You discover important skills ranging from selecting the right offer to promote, to what to say in the video, up to the psychology needed for your video to convert.

The core system revolves around ranking videos high an YouTube, and then backed up by monetization models so you can select the one applicable to your need and situation.

(Valued at $ 197)

Part 3 – Done For You Video Package

In addition to the software and training, you also get 20 DFY local business videos, ready to make you money immediately.

You enjoy full rights to either use it for your campaigns or sell it charging hefty fees from your client.

You also get the training on where and how to find clients, plus how to give them an offer they can’t resist. So that you actually build a real business.

You get high quality videos, with professional actors, footages and editing. Just watch the DEMO on this page and you’ll see how much resources has been put on this package.

Creating these videos on your own would cut you back at least $2,000 – from the video script writing, the actors who did the green screen, up to the actual video editing and production.

You don’t have to worry about the nitty gritty though, because we’ve done them for you… so you could go straight to making money.

(Valued at $ 2,000)

Imagine earning from videos you upload on YouTube, without creating your own product…

Imagine having money-making assets in the online space from simple videos you churn up in minutes, with the software and tools provided for you… or even without showing your face in video…

What if you just had the resource that takes you by the hand thru all of this? Would you be interested if the “answer” is right there in front of you?

“Here’s What BETA Testers Vas Blagodarskiy & Ryan Phillips Have to Say About Unstoppable LIVE Profits…”

It’s really amazing how other people are using Unstoppable LIVE Profits, and how they are getting results for their businesses.

We want the same for you. Thus, the massive value overload included in this package.

Just imagine waking up to the progress you make with this system. It’s exciting!
Again, Here’s the “Triple Whammy of Goodness” That Gets You Earning Today …

You get the latest method on ranking videos high on YouTube & Google using the power of Live events. Plus, you get the methods we personally use to monetize this ranking process in multiple ways.

You get download access to the software we use to run live events on YouTube. There are paid options for this one, but we made sure you can implement our entire system without having to buy one.

You get 20 done for you “local marketing” video materials to get you closer to profiting. This collection has been paid for separately by other people in the past, now yours without additional cost.
But Wait… Take Action Today &
You Get These Bonuses as Well

You get a training on how to create custom YouTube thumbnails for your videos, using a tool that’s most likely already in your computer. Thumbnails are essential so you get more views and exposure for your content. This means more earnings for you.

You get a practical module on how to create custom YouTube Channel art PLUS a trick on how to use that image to improve the searchability and ranking of your channel. This helps give your channel some spunk and attractive branding. Which in the end helps you earn more, or charge more from clients.

You get a very powerful and robust video editing software. So you can edit the done-for-you videos we included in this package as you wish. Having a video editor also means you get more options to enhance the videos you create without having to spend extra.
Still Not Convinced? Here are More Ranking Proofs for You to Check…

What I’m trying to tell you is… this is a fully tested system, done on multiple levels, with different videos.

We’ve proven it works over and over again, so you could be sure you’re not wasting time by doing this. These are just but a few of the screenshots we’ve collected while we were experimenting with the Unstoppable LIVE Profits method.
I Want You to Understand Why You Need This and Why It Can Change Your Life
Anyone willing can do this and get fantastic results. Video is HOT and the easiest way to make fast money for free. Get started with no budget nor technical skills at all.

Everything can be learned and duplicated easily. All you need is our simple 3 step process to profit MASSIVELY.

You set the limit to what you can do. It’s amazing how people make millions with video marketing. No kidding. This solidifies how far you can go with YouTube. Easily scalable, outsource the work to others only after you earn.
“How much should I charge you?”
To be honest the realistic price I should put on this course + software resource + done-for-you local video materials should be well over $197, especially with the live case studies.

But in this “trying” times, I know I can’t just do that…
I was where you are right now at some point or another and without someone reaching a helping hand out to me; I would never have been able to achieve such success.

Therefore, I am going to make this training very reasonable, so that you can get your hands on it.

Instead of pricing this course at $97 that I planned, I am going to hold the price to a ridiculously low amount so that as many of you can get it as possible…
In Fact, If You Act Fast Today, You Get Instant Access to Unstoppable LIVE Profits at the Lowest Price Possible
Take Advantage of this
NO Brainer Deal Today…

You’re Purchase is Safe with Us
We Got You Covered…

Well, if you are not already convinced that Unstoppable LIVE Profits is the surest, most proven, time tested way to build and scale a legitimate money making business. If you’re still thinking whether to jump in and get started before the price goes any higher…

Let me make the offer even better by removing all the risk.

Unstoppable LIVE Profits today and try it for full 30 days. If you don’t think it’s one of the best thing you’ve ever seen in terms of making money systems and package, just politely ask for a refund and we will take care of it. Period.

“Results Are Not Typical, But…”
Listen, every sales page hides their “fine print” somewhere so that you won’t notice it, and then play that card in your communications with them.

Not us, nah-ah.

I just want to get it out of my chest and say it as it is.

This is NOT a “get rich quick” scheme and our results are NOT typical.

We cannot guarantee you will even get any results.
“HOWEVER, what we can guarantee is that we did our best to make this package so damn good so you have the biggest chance of getting results…”
And we sure as hell hope you will get BETTER results than we did.

We want to help people therefore we want SERIOUS ACTION TAKERS.

We want fighters that will fight until they will become rich.

These are the type of people we will help. So with that being said, click the button below to purchase the Unstoppable Tube Profits…
Today is YOUR Day, Take Advantage of the Discounted Price NOW:
And hey, I’ve been burnt by products & promises before, too.

Heck I still do sometimes.

But if there’s ONE thing I learned, it’s that it takes multiple failures to get up and achieve MASSIVE success.
“And this product, may just be what lifts you up and create MASSIVE success for you — don’t delay, you KNOW it can change your life…”
Take care and best of luck,

To Your Success,

Ray “The Video Guy” Lane

“Hurricane” Dexter Paglinawan

Vick “The Victory Man” Carty
P.S – Imagine that in 30 days, you’re set to journey out of your job, working from home and growing your business everyday while having full control over your income with supreme Video Marketing Strategies.

Feels good isn’t it? Well, the Unstoppable LIVE Profits is the fastest way you can achieve it.

P.P.S – Proof, live case studies and step by step walkthrough and a bullet proof guarantee is just a fraction of how far we will go to help you.

I understand it’s scary to invest, especially with all these scams in every corner. And we want to keep our brand legit, whiter than cream and just plain awesome.

Therefore, if you’re not satisfied, you won’t walk away empty handed, never. If you think you want this, it makes sense to get this now.

P.P.P.S – Like I mentioned, you’re getting a package worth $ 2,197.00 here (just imagine the video production cost of the 20 done for you videos you’re getting). There’s really nothing to lose, and just so much to gain. Click that order button now.
Limited Time Special Offer !
HURRY, the price will go up SOON !


Unstoppable Live Profits
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│ Obs.txt
├─3 – Market Video Package
│ │ 1 – Intro – How To Make Money Today.txt
│ │ 2 – Flip Model #1.txt
│ │ 3 – Flip Model #2.txt
│ │ 4 – Baguio Restaurants.png
│ │ 4 – How To Get Local Biz Clients.txt
│ │ 5 – How To The Next Level.txt
│ │ Resources.mht
│ └─Videos
│ │ Hair Restoration.mp4
│ ├─Accident Attorney
│ │ 0706-accident.mp4
│ │ Accident Attorney Demo.mp4
│ │ Accident Attorney Without Music.mp4
│ │ Accident Attorney.mp4
│ ├─Bankruptcylawyer
│ │ │ 0706-bankruptcy.mp4
│ │ │ Bankruptcy Without Music.mp4
│ │ │ Bankruptcy.mp4
│ │ │ └─Bankruptcylawyer
│ ├─Car Insurance
│ │ 0414-carinsurance.mp4
│ │ Car Insurance Demo.mp4
│ │ Car Insurance Without Music.mp4
│ │ Car Insurance.mp4
│ ├─Carpet Cleaning
│ │ Carpet Cleaning 2.mp4
│ │ Carpet Cleaning Grn.mp4
│ │ Carpet Cleaning.mp4
│ ├─Chiropractic2
│ │ Chiropractic Demo.mp4
│ │ Chiropractic Without Music.mp4
│ │ Chiropractic.mp4
│ │ Chiropractor2green.mp4
│ ├─Computer Repair
│ │ 1127-computerrepair.mp4
│ │ Computer Repair 2.mp4
│ │ Computer Repair 3.mp4
│ │ Computer Repair.mp4
│ ├─Construction Contractor
│ │ 0205-constructioncontractor.mp4
│ │ Construction Contractor Demo.mp4
│ │ Construction Contractor Without Music.mp4
│ │ Construction Contractor.mp4
│ ├─Countertops
│ │ Countertops 2.mp4
│ │ Countertops 3.mp4
│ │ Countertops.mp4
│ │ Countertopsgreen.mp4
│ ├─Dentist
│ │ 0706-dentist.mp4
│ │ Dentist Demo.mp4
│ │ Dentist Without Music.mp4
│ │ Dentist.mp4
│ ├─Divorce Attorney
│ │ 0910-divorce.mp4
│ │ Divorce Attorney 2.mp4
│ │ Divorce Attorney 3.mp4
│ │ Divorce Attorney.mp4
│ ├─Dui2
│ │ Dui Demo.mp4
│ │ Dui Without Music.mp4
│ │ Dui.mp4
│ │ Dui2green.mp4
│ ├─Electrician2
│ │ Electrician2 Demo.mp4
│ │ Electrician2 Without Music.mp4
│ │ Electrician2.mp4
│ │ Electrician2green.mp4
│ ├─Fencing Company
│ │ 0910-fence.mp4
│ │ Fencing Company 2.mp4
│ │ Fencing Company 3.mp4
│ │ Fencing Company.mp4
│ ├─Flooring Company
│ │ 1127-flooringcarpet.mp4
│ │ Flooring Company 2.mp4
│ │ Flooring Company 3.mp4
│ │ Flooring Company.mp4
│ ├─Garagedoor
│ │ 0811-garagedoor.mp4
│ │ Garagedoor 2.mp4
│ │ Garagedoor.mp4
│ ├─Hair Salon
│ │ Beautysalon.mp4
│ │ Hair Salon Demo.mp4
│ │ Hair Salon Without Music.mp4
│ │ Hair Salon.mp4
│ ├─Lasik
│ │ 1127-lasik.mp4
│ │ Lasik 2.mp4
│ │ Lasik 3.mp4
│ │ Lasik.mp4
│ ├─Nail Salon
│ │ Nail Salon Demo.mp4
│ │ Nail Salon Without Music.mp4
│ │ Nail Salon.mp4
│ │ Nailsalon.mp4
│ └─Roofer
│ Roofer 2.mp4
│ Roofer.mp4
└─4 – Ranking Videos Using YouTube Live Events
│ Important Resources.txt
│ Module 1.mp4
│ Module 10.mp4
│ Module 2.mp4
│ Module 3.mp4
│ Module 4.mp4
│ Module 5.mp4
│ Module 6.mp4
│ Module 7.mp4
│ Module 8.mp4
│ Module 9.mp4
│ 使用必读.txt
Bonus #3 – Free Video Editing Software.txt
Bonus Video #1.mp4
Bonus Video #2.mp4



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