绝对的从零开始教您如何创建一个非常大的现金流在线销售系统!- 真正成功的Facebook广告电子商务的A-Z培训(FaceBOOM Ads Academy)

绝对的从零开始教您如何创建一个非常大的现金流在线销售系统!- 真正成功的Facebook广告电子商务的A-Z培训(FaceBOOM Ads Academy)

12ffb7b44a1018778709b5f29f2d7bde14af1b0f - 绝对的从零开始教您如何创建一个非常大的现金流在线销售系统!- 真正成功的Facebook广告电子商务的A-Z培训(FaceBOOM Ads Academy)


您需要真正成功的Facebook广告电子商务的A – Z培训。

Create a very large cash flow selling online starting from absolute zero.

The A-Z training that you’ll need to truly succeed with Facebook Ads for eCommerce. From the basics of introducing you to the platform, to the more advanced stuff like evergreen campaigns, we’ve got it all.


How You Can Create A VERY LARGE Cash Flow
Selling Online Starting From Absolute ZERO!!!
All You Need To Do Is Get Started TODAY. Join The Academy, Become Your Own Success Story.
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Secure a Financial Free Future For Yourself And Your Family
After promising my family that things would get better, they finally did when I learned what I now teach in FaceBOOM Ads Academy
Not Another Single-Strategy Course That Leaves You Hanging
You Are Given Several Strategies That Can Be Applied To Start Making Money From Any Ecommerce Product Campaign
Apply This Stuff To More Than Just Ecommerce Products
Once You Understand Facebook Ads For Ecommerce, You’ll Find Ways To Use Them For All Of your Business Ideas
FREE ACCESS To DOZENS Of Ecommerce Trainings Included
Tighten up your ecommerce knowledge with TWO ecommerce training courses I’m throwing in for FREE if you purchase NOW
I Turned My Last $60 Into An 8-Figure Ecommerce Success

Simple Strategies Even A Caveman Can Do

A Getting Startegy That You Can Use For Every Campaign

Enjoy Making Money While You Watch The Sales Roll In
The Wrong Way

The Right way

When you join FaceBOOM Ads Academy, you’ll have access to the same secret to success thanks to my Crazy Simple, Easy To Apply, Repeatable System:
Hi, I’m Robert V. Nava. A.K.A #MillionDollarFelon
When You Purchase FaceBOOM Ads Acedemy You Are Going To Learn The ONE THING That Took Me From Broke, Ex-Felon, College Student, To Generating Millions Of Dollars In Sales Online WITHOUT Prior Experience

Why 99% of eCommerce marketers are on the brink of a catastrophic downfall without even knowing it.
The easy way to avoid downfall and drive eCommerce traffic that’s reliable, life changing, and with the potential to span generations of your family.
How to receive over $10,000,000 in training and resources for over 65% off.
Now, We’re About To Reveal The One Thing You Can’t Afford To Miss:
You’ll learn a LOT of incredible stuff just by reading this page – so pay attention.
First, I would like to share an important lesson with you.
Why Relying On Untested Social Media Marketing To Reach Your Customers Is A DANGEROUS Pitfall For Your Business.
There is no doubt that you can generate traffic and build a customer base by creating untargeted ad campaigns on Facebook (and other social media) and drawing “cold clicks” to your website.
In fact, we’ve gotten the attention of millions of visitors this way, and so have our business partners and competition (we even teach it!)
But that doesn’t change the fact that this is NOT a sustainable marketing practice. It can cost you crucial funding, product sales and chip away at your time.
The truth of the matter is, it’s very DANGEROUS territory…
And if you’re relying exclusively on this model to drive traffic, you’re setting yourself up for failure!
Maybe, in the back of your mind, you’re already realizing that this method of finding traffic is unsustainable.
You can try targeting new groups and demographics for weeks and not see any increase in your conversion rate, or worse, you could start to see your conversions decrease…
That’s why…
Your Market Strategy Must Shift, From Relying on Tired, Trial-By-Fire Advertisement Techniques To Building Laser-Targeted Ad Copy and Creating Your Own Audience!
Let me make sure we’re in the same mindset about this. Can you Say Yes to any of the following?
Are your conversion rates lower than you’d like them to be?
Are you having trouble finding the best audience for your store?
Is it difficult for you to find a way to make your store resonate with your target demographic?
Do you want to build your own audience, instead of relying on existing, imperfect matches?
Of course you do.
To find real success, you MUST move beyond relying on cold traffic to fuel your business. It’s an expensive, time consuming trial-by-error process.
It’s time to laser-focus your selling technique.
Time For You To Generate More Page Views.
If the thought of undertaking this sort of in-depth marketing plan seems too daunting – I understand.
If you have questions like, “how do ads even work?” or “how am I supposed to plan for this?” – I understand. And I couldn’t be more excited to answer those questions for you, right now.
Because MANY of this program’s students have made money by starting from NOTHING.
NO connections. NO budget. NO experience planning, and NO IDEA how to make their business succeed.
AND they were still able to build a successful brand – some in as little as THE NEXT DAY.
All you need are the right steps and the right knowledge at your disposal.
And that’s exactly what we’re gonna give you…

FaceBOOM Ads Academy Contains the A-Z training that you’ll NEED to truly succeed with Facebook Ads for Ecommerce. From the basics of introducing you to the patform, to the more advanced stuff like evergreen campaigns, we’ve got it all.
But Academy Slots ARE LIMITED.
We care about providing a quality experience to anyone that signs up, and that means that SPACE IS LIMITED. Grab your spot NOW, before the academy is full!

How To Build Your Marketing Profile, WITHOUT Breaking Your Budget.
You don’t have to invest huge, thousand-dollar sums into plans that might not work. We’re giving away every secret we have on creating effective social media campaigns, from the very basics on creating effective ads to the industry secrets on driving traffic that pays for itself.
If you’ve never sold with targeted ad copy before, don’t worry about it. We’ll get you up to speed so you always know what we’re talking about, guaranteed.
How To Establish A Brand And Build Your Own Audience
It’s the marketer’s dream come true – well, sort-of. We’ll show you how to create a brand beyond just the products you’re selling, and build an audience for your products so every click is warm traffic.

A Constant Stream Of Case Studies
We’re not just about showing you what we’ve done that works, we’re dedicated to showing you why. These vetted case studies will provide up-to-date information on everything that’s working in the industry right now – and everything that isn’t.
Cutting-Edge Campaign Scaling Techniques
Think selling to an audience of 1,000 is the same as an audience of 1,000,000? We’ll show you how to go beyond building a product, and how to move into building an empire.

Creating Long-Term Ads That Keep Paying
Creating viral, new content is important, but so is building content that you can fall back on – ad copy that can last you for months before needing a revisit. This program gives you the tools to create long-lasting tools to keep your store running indefinitely.
PLUS, You’ll Get To See The Inner Workings Of My Own Stores!
If you’ve ever taken advice before this, you know that the how is just as important as the what. Finding tools can be difficult, but not impossible – but finding successful examples of how they’ve been used (the most important part of the process!) can be a daunting task.
You have to either beg existing businesses to let you see them behind the scenes, or you’re stuck with trial-by-fire applications for yourself – just keep throwing things at a wall and seeing what sticks. With this adacemy, though, you don’t need to worry about the results, because I’ll share mine with you. These techniques aren’t just cheap tricks to get into your wallet – I use them, they work, and I want to show you how they can work for you, too.
When you join FaceBOOM Ads Academy today, you’re getting an exclusive look at the inner workings of my own business – from the products to the ad copy to the development process. This includes my own hands-on approach to the techniques I’m going to be teaching!
We Start At The Top – You Get An Insider Look At How To Make Sense Of, And Create Social Media Campaigns
We’re not gonna sugarcoat it – social media advertising can be a complex, terrifyingly daunting task. If you’ve never done it before, or you’ve never managed multiple successful campaigns across half a dozen platforms – we’ve got you covered. The first module of this course talks in-depth about making sense of Facebook ads and social media marketing. From the terminology to the planning process, we’ll take you through from start to finish and make sure you’re perfectly equipped to undertake any marketing task.

See My Personal Tips And Tricks For Writing Ad Copy That Doesn’t Just Drive More Traffic, It Gets You More Sales – Guaranteed.
What goes into good ad copy? Before this course, you might’ve thought to yourself, “I can write ads myself – it’ll be just as good as some commissioned copywriter!” And you’re not wrong – anyone can write good advertisements, if they’re trained. But without that training, you’re just lost in the dark – throwing your ads out into the eyes of your customers, just trying to see what works. That’s a process that will cost you a lot of time, and a lot of money.

Skip the uncertainty. The second module of my course shares my secrets to creating successful ad copy – not just taking shots in the dark. From the hook to the value proposition to the call to action, my course will show you everything you need to know about building advertisement campaigns that work so well, they’ll practically market themselves.
We’ll Show You How To Save Time And Money, WITHOUT Losing Out On Your Views Or Conversion Rate

If you’ve ever run an ad campaign on Facebook, you know that their bidding process is tricky and difficult to fully utilize. Don’t worry about it! The third part of this course takes you in-depth on how to maximize your advertising potential, generating views and conversions without breaking your budget.
By the time we’re done, your ad will be set up in such a way that it’s literally paying for itself!

PLUS, We’ll Show You How To Find An Audience For Any Product.
It doesn’t matter what you’re selling. whether it’s jewelry, car stereos, Chinese imports or the canned souls of small animals, I am making you a guarantee, right now – there is a market for it. Most businesses don’t fail because their product is bad. They fail because they haven’t found the correct market. I’m going to show you how to make sure you always have the right market for your products, whether you’re trying to start a multinational brand or you’re selling your home woodworking projects online.
You Might Be Starting To Realize…
This Program Is The Real Deal.
Not just another scam.
Not just another “guru” promising results that they’ve never achieved.
These are my secrets and techniques, time-tested and proven to work.
Every tool and trick that I use in my own businesses, every day.
I’ll walk you through every step of the process personally, and make sure that no matter your product,
you will be able to find a market for it and draw in sales.
This program is everything you’ve ever needed to succeed, and you’ll see results immediately.
You Can See Real Results In Your Sales In Two Days OR LESS.
This is what gets me up and GOING in the morning. The fact that this isn’t just some trick or scheme that will only work once – once you start seeing results, you can keep using these techniques for months or years to come.
Some people get a rush from jumping out of an airplane, or riding a roller coaster. I get it from helping NORMAL PEOPLE succeed – the feeling of seeing someone’s struggling business use my techniques, turn around and begin selling is nothing short of intoxicating.
Especially since, the fact of the matter is…
I’ve Seen The Same Overpromising, Tired Programs That You Have.
And when those promises get broken, over and over again, I know how frustrating it is. Heck, I’ve taken a couple of those programs, and just wondered to myself at the end “why did I pay for this?”
And I pride myself in being the EXACT OPPOSITE of those programs.
I pride myself on honesty. This isn’t the first course that I’ve taught, and it isn’t the first subject, either. But in every single one of my courses, I keep the promises that I make. How many other programs do you see dedicating themselves to honesty…
…and making themselves accountable for the results? That’s what I’m doing.
Because I Want To Show You What The Experience Is Like, When The People Who Make The Promises… Actually Fulfill Them.
It’s a fantastic feeling, mutually – building a business into an empire, and seeing that business succeed using my techniques…
I can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself.
And In The Spirit Of This Honesty, Let Me Be Honest About The Costs Of This Academy…

This Program Cost A Lot To Develop. Hundreds of hours went into creating and editing the content of our video courses, from building the material to editing it into something presentable.

We Spend Hours Focusing On You And Your Marketing Material, Each Week. Whenever I launch a new course, I try and keep it personal – a lot of back-and-forth between me, and my students. FaceBOOM is no exception, but time is a valuable commodity, these days.

Businesses Spend Thousands To Consult With Me And My Team. Despite that, I’m always trying to make my courses more accessible to the average person. Still – this information is valuable, and that means that it comes with a price tag.

The Results Pay For The Cost. The thing about selling a product or service is, you get what you pay for. If you pay for a $30 course, you’re paying for $30 worth of content. If you pay $100 for content, you should expect to see $100 worth of results. Makes sense, right?

The System Has Been Proven. This isn’t just a pipe-dream – I use these techniques myself, and they make me money. They will pay for this course, ten times over or more.
Like I’ve mentioned, I value honesty. And when you look at the costs and benefits of the FaceBOOM Ad Academy, I think you should be able to see right away why I’m holding this course at the price point that I am.
Because it’s worth it. I’m not trying to overcharge you or get into your pocket here – these techniques are worth what I’m selling them for, and will still make your money back, a dozen times over or more.
That’s Why, For A Limited Time, I’m Offering FaceBOOM Academy For Only $427. That $427 Gets You EVERYTHING, Including:
My Insider Tips On Building Easy Ad Campaigns, WITHOUT Breaking Your Budget.
If you’re spending money on ads that aren’t paying for themselves, you’re doing it wrong. Get the insider’s perspective on the techniques that work (and the ones that don’t).
Proven Tips For Scaling Ad Campaigns.
Ad campaign scaling is the difference between a $1,000 profit and a $100,000 profit. I can show you how to turn a winning campaign into an Ecommerce empire.
A Variety Of Case Studies
What works for me will work for you, and I’ve got the data to prove it. I can show you what’s working in the industry today, and how I’ve gotten to where I am because of it.
Building A Brand And Creating An Audience
The best marketing campaigns go beyond just selling a product. They build you a brand and a future. I’ve got a step-by-step guide on how to take your online store from a product focus, to a brand focus.
Build “Once And Done” Ad Campaigns
No ad campaign is perfect, but I can teach you to build lasting copy that you won’t have to keep revisiting and targeting. It saves me time and money, and can do the same for you as well!
“And All That For $427? What’s The Catch?”
The catch is that it’s worth it. I’m not gonna BS you with any imaginary deals or try and sell you an idea that doesn’t exist. The catch is, I could be charging double for this service and it would still pay for itself.
But I don’t, because I want to get it into your hands. I’m charging enough to cover costs, and that’s about it, because I care about your success in my program. I want to see you grow your own Ecommerce empire.
You’re ready, aren’t you?
Isn’t it time that you took your website to the next step?
Click the button below and get your spot now.

Satisfy Your Craving For Success, and See What’s Inside My Program Right Now.
If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I can do better…”
If you’ve ever asked yourself why your products aren’t converting…
If you’re tired of spending money on ads, month after month…
Take the next step, and join the FaceBOOM Ad Academy.
My Commitment To Your Value
I’ve already told you about how my results have worked for me…
I’ve already shown you how my results have worked for others…
I’ve already shared my commitment to honesty with you…
But if you’re still not convinced, here’s my promise…
My Money-Back Guarantee
If you’re STILL not convinced, and try out the program only to find out it’s not what you’re looking for…
If your ad conversions are only paying for themselves twice, instead of three times…
If you wanted to double your traffic, but only saw a 50% increase…
If, FOR ANY REASON, you decide that this program was not worth your money, you’ll just have to tell us what is not working, then we will refund your purchase.
Because that’s how committed I am…
Because that’s how sure I am that my content will get results.
So Give This Course A Try NOW, While There Are Still Spots Available!
Only $227 Until Midnight Dec 31st

Join Us Inside the FaceBOOM Ads Academy Now, And Claim The Same Success For Yourself…
You’ve seen everything that this program includes – and it’s a lot…
And I have more content that we couldn’t fit into this page… (it’s long enough as it is!)
You’ve seen my dedication to an honest program and technique…
To put it bluntly, I love this program.
That’s why I spend so much time with my students, trying to make sure that everyone around me succeeds…
After all, I could easily split my time between my business and a vacation home, and you’d never know I was. I’d be fat, happy and rich, sitting at home and whittling away at my time and hobbies…
But I love working with people that don’t yet share my knowledge, and helping them succeed. So I’ve poured my time, effort and resources into FaceBOOM, so I can help YOU succeed, in ways that you never have before…
You know, this program is all-inclusive when it comes to Facebook marketing.
Every single tool, resource and insight I have at my disposal, laid out for you to use in your own business.
Everything from my “start from scratch” beginner’s guide, all the way to ensuring that you can go beyond just selling a product, and start to build a brand…
Think of me as your new marketing mastermind.
You’ll never have to be left out, or be left wondering what actually works…
You’re part of my class now, and that means that I want to see you succeed as much as you do.
And it even comes with a no-risk guarantee.
If you decide that you don’t like my program, that my techniques are things you already knew, or that are somehow not working for you…
You’ll have access to a full, no-questions-asked refund.
But you know that spaces are limited… that with a program this good, we’ll only have a few spare seats before the class is filled up…
Because of the unprecedented level of support I give my students, I have to keep membership limited. This is to your benefit – it means more time working directly with me, and a more manageable course.
You know that these techniques could be worth millions to you…
And As You Know By Now… It’s Your Turn.
Just click the button below, and claim your opportunity today…
I can’t wait to start helping you.
Only $227 Until Midnight Dec 31st

 What Is FaceBOOM Ad Academy?
FaceBOOM Ad Academy is a program that includes every bit of advice, training and tools that I have at my disposal to help you go beyond just profiting from Ecommerce, and begin building a brand that can last a lifetime. A truly unique marketing campaign attracts not just customers, but investment and even buy-out offers, and a respectable marketing campaign is something that you can show to your family and friends. This academy will show you how to build a brand that you can pass onto your children. I’m giving you EVERYTHING I have in order to be able to do this – because I want to see your success as much as you do!
 I’ve already taken one of your courses – will this one teach me anything new?
Absolutely. Although I go over Facebook marketing in some of my other courses, this is an in-depth and detailed look in a way that I’ve never done before. It’s my hope that even if you’re a veteran to Facebook marketing and Ecommerce, this course will still be able to teach you something new.
 I’ve never done anything like this before – can I still do this?
Yes! A lot of this training has been built from the ground up, specifically for you. We’ll show you how to quickly get the essentials down to a science, so that you can move into building a better, more complete campaign and brand. Every step is built on the last, and by starting at the beginning, we’ve taken special care to make sure that nobody is left out or left behind.
 What do I get with FaceBOOM Ad Academy?
This course is designed to be comprehensive, which means that it has every tool that I have at my disposal. You’ll go from getting a beginner’s look at Facebook marketing, to a master’s tips on making the most out of your money, and easy tricks to help your ads pay for themselves. You’ll also be getting an updated stream of case studies to help guide you into the future of your business, and my personal tips for scaling a $1,000 marketing campaign into a $100,000 one. You’ll also be getting extra content from my friends and employees, who are even more specialized in this field than I am!
 How much is it?
For this class only, and just to cover costs, I’m offering my FaceBOOM Ad Academy course for ONLY $XXX.xx. This is a one-time investment for the entire course, so you don’t have to worry about making payments, and it comes with my personal satisfaction guarantee.
 What is your personal satisfaction guarantee?
I’m committed to making sure that you get the value that you want out of your money, and that means offering a money-back guarantee. If, within 30 days, you think that you haven’t gotten your money’s worth out of my course (whether it’s because you didn’t improve as much as you wanted or you just didn’t have time to finish the course), I’ll offer you your full amount back, guaranteed, with no questions asked. Well, I might ask if there’s something that I can improve on, but you won’t have to answer.
 OK, how do I get started?
Just click the button below to get started, while the spots in the course are still open. It’s risk-free and includes everything you’ll need to become a successful online marketer. It makes the most sense for you to join me, right now. I can’t wait to start working with you.



FaceBOOM Ads Academy
└─FaceBOOM Ads Academy
├─01. Product Blast
├─Module 1
│ 01. Intro to product Search .avi
│ 02. Find Products on AliExpress .avi
│ 03. Use Amazon For Product Research .avi
│ 04. Advanced WatchCount .avi
├─Module 2
│ 01. Setting Up Payments on Shopify .avi
│ 02. Shipping with Shopify .avi
│ 03. Shopify Stores Leave You in Control .avi
│ 04. Keeping Store Products Simple .avi
│ 05. Center Your Upsells on a Single Product .avi
│ 06. Why We Ended Up on Shopify .avi
├─Module 3
│ 01. Begin Facebook Ads for Your Business .avi
│ 02. Pictures That Stand Out in a News Feed .avi
│ 03. Get Great Value from Facebook Custom Audiences .avi
│ 04. How to Bid and Budget on Your First Ad .avi
│ 05. Getting Facebook Users to Convert .avi
│ 06. Keep on Finding Products to Sell .avi
│ 07. More on Facebook Targeting .avi
│ 08. How to Build Your News Feed Ads .avi
├─Module 4
│ 01. Get Help with Shipping .avi
│ 02. Your Early Fulfillment Solution Dropship .avi
│ 03. The Choice of Shipping Method .avi
│ 05. Don’t Start by Building a Whole Store .avi
│ 05. Find Your Ideal Wholesaler .avi
│ 06. Easy Dropshipping .avi
│ 07. Don’t Complicate Dropshipping .avi
│ Resources.url
│ TPB-BlueprintOverview .avi
│ TPB-ElsaAnnaCaseStudy .avi
│ TPB-Intro .avi
└─02. Watch Me Build a Store
│ 1-Intro .avi
│ 2-Finding Niche Or Product .avi
│ 3-Setup Store and Start Ads .avi
│ 4-Oct 9 Part 2 .avi
│ 5-We’re looking at first ads and then relaunching .avi
│ 6-Today we’re ging to find another product to test with the audeince we have dialed in on. .avi
│ Resources.url
├─Module 1
│ Module 1 – How To Make Sense of Facebook Ads .avi
│ Resources.url
├─Module 2
│ Module 2 – How To Create Ad Copy That Converts .avi
│ Resources.url
├─Module 3
│ Module 3 – How To Bid And Budget For Best Return On Investment .avi
│ Resources.url
├─Module 4
│ Module 4 – How To Find The Right AudienceFor Any Product .avi
│ Resources.url
└─Module 5
Module 5 – How To Scale Your Campaigns Successfully .avi



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