从你睡觉的那一刻起,直到你早上醒来的那一刻起,你就有了更深的睡眠的秘密以及持久的、主导的、全天的能量(4X Energy)

从你睡觉的那一刻起,直到你早上醒来的那一刻起,你就有了更深的睡眠的秘密以及持久的、主导的、全天的能量(4X Energy)

从你睡觉的那一刻起,直到你早上醒来的那一刻起 - 从你睡觉的那一刻起,直到你早上醒来的那一刻起,你就有了更深的睡眠的秘密以及持久的、主导的、全天的能量(4X Energy)




Long lasting, dominant energy all day.

You will learn:
The secret to deeper sleep from the moment you hit the pillow until the moment you wake in the morning.
The sneaky scheduling tactic I’ve been using for years now to get more done in a single day than most people get done in a full month.
How you can have long lasting, dominant, all-day energy without the crash.
And much more


$300 Off VIP Launch Discount EXPIRING In:

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The Day Jason Capital Lost To A 6 Year Old AND How It Taught Me To Be A PRODUCTIVITY MACHINE

Here’s the truth, my worn-out friend:

I wasn’t always this way.

In fact, there was a time in my life where everything had fallen to shit.

My health was in the dumps, I felt like crap all the time, I was dead broke.

And the girls, the jets, the partying, and the freedom that came along with being a millionaire was nothing more than a short lived pipe dream for me as I felt utterly helpless every single day.

And it wasn’t my knowledge of marketing, business, or game that pulled me up, either.

In fact, it was something that I’ve never revealed publicly before to Team Capital.

It was and still is my secret weapon, one that I still hold close to my heart.

What is it?

See if you can tell by this quick story:

It was either me or him. And
I lost, to YOUR benefit.
And it changed the course of my life, forever.

See, It was July 2nd, 2012 (you bet your ass I marked down the date), and I had just moved to Santa Monica with ZERO money to my name, no plan, and no direction, just a half ass idea of what I thought I wanted Jason Capital to be.

To make matters worse.. I had ZERO energy to even start any of those plans.

I shit you not, I would work for 20 minutes and my eyes would get heavy. Then came the brain fog. The chaotic sleep patterns. And soon enough, I found myself exhausted ALL THE TIME.

There I was, 23 years old, at the pinnacle of my life, and all I could think about was my next nap.

And the reason I had such low energy was because I spent the bulk of my previous 2 years sitting in my penthouse apartment, rolling joints and smoking weed. I had girls roll them for me, we’d smoke, fvck, then smoke some more.

It was the main reason I went broke and it got boring real quick.

“There has to be more to
life than THIS, right?”
So when I came down to Santa Monica, I knew something had to change.

What did I do? I did what any Team Capital member would – give something a chance.

I left my apartment building, turned left, went down 7th street and saw a vegetable shop – the type with kale, kombucha and “asparagus potion” displayed in the windowsill. Maybe juicing would be my thing? So I started juicing.

But then I felt even worse, so natural juices clearly weren’t the solution.

As I threw the last remains of a green kale juice in in a blue recyclable trash can, I noticed a supplement store across the street. Shrugged my shoulders, walked on in, and grabbed a caffeine pill.

Downed it.

Did it help? Sure, I felt a HUGE surge of energy.

An instant jolt in my mood, followed by fingers so jittery I couldn’t even type normally.

I began breathing hard, still got nothing done, and to make matters worse, I crashed so hard in the next 20 minutes that I was forced to take another nap. AGAIN.

That told me caffeine wasn’t the secret, either.

So I decided to go to the beach.

And as soon as I got there, I noticed a cute girl across the way giving me one of those looks.

You know what I’m talking about, too. The whole “you should come up and talk to me” look.

But did I? Nope.

I had no energy to talk to her. I didn’t even move. I laid there, like a dead, pathetic fish.

That was strike one.
Not five seconds later, I see this little kid – he must’ve been 6 years old – running around with a beach ball. The kid’s having so much fun, making sand castles, jumping in the waves, and I just remember thinking:

“I’m 23 years old, I should be at the peak of my life, energy, and productivity, but I don’t have the energy for anything. Not even a cute girl that clearly wants me. WHAT THE FVCK IS WRONG WITH ME?”

That was strike Two.
The little kid then walks over to the cute girl who was staring at me, grabs her by the hand, and walks her over to his sand castle and they spend the next 45 minutes playing around together.

That was strike Three.
He beat me because of ONE reason.

The same reason that guys like Elon Musk, Donald Trump, and myself continue to beat YOU.

The same reason that you still don’t have everything you want right now in your life (with women and business) regardless of the amount of courses and training manuals you go through.

The same reason why that guy down the street still drives a better car than you do and why that asshole in the office is still crushing you in quarterly earnings, even though you work harder.

He’s not better than you. He’s not smarter than you. He doesn’t have more resources.

Those are excuses that mediocre people use which keeps them stuck, spinning their wheels.

The truth is, the only thing that separates the rich from the poor is this:

My name is Jason Capital.

And for those of you new around here, I’m known as America’s Honest Dating Coach, a best selling author, and a self-made millionaire.

I’ve committed my life to training and growing a group of 1,000,000 deserving men worldwide into the most successful, rich, dominant, attractive, and unstoppably High Status versions of themselves possible.

I’ve worked with Billionaires, A-List Hollywood Celebs, Fortune 500 CEOs, entrepreneurs, destined men like YOURSELF who will soon be the most productive guy in your city or town too.

Because your problem isn’t that you don’t know how to do something.

It’s the fact that you lack the energy to follow through with it.


Energy = Productivity = Success
And even if you don’t think you have bad energy now, you do.

I’ll explain in just a second..

Because in that fateful moment, I made a conscious decision:

“On everything I love, this will NOT happen again.”

I left my towel, ran back to my apartment, gritting my teeth the entire way.

And I got to researching:

“How the FVCK can I get more energy?”

The first thing that came up was cocaine.

No, thanks. I’m good.

The second, third, and fourth, were kind of interesting.

I went to doctors. I tried different diet protocols. I tried different supplements.

I even scrubbed through every single piece of medical research I could get my hands on.

And I spent the next several years compiling all the things that I needed to do to have this amazing, jitter-free, no crash energy that I wanted to finally put my big plans into action.

All leading to discoveries like these:
The secret to deeper sleep from the moment you hit the pillow until the moment you wake in the morning (waking up in the middle of the night is a thing of the past now).
The sneaky scheduling tactic I’ve been using for years now to get more done in a single day than most people get done in a full month, and I’ll show you how you can start using it to perfection by tomorrow.
How you can have long lasting, dominant, all-day energy WITHOUT the crash. You can say goodbye to being forced to drink coffee, 5-hour energy drinks, and Red Bulls all day. You simply won’t need them anymore.
I’ll have more for you in just a second.

Because after experimenting for 6 months..

I had finally cracked the ENERGY & PRODUCTIVITY CODE for you
I had struck gold, and I could
do amazing things:
I would wake up early because I WANTED to, without hitting the snooze button once.
I started getting more done in a single day than most of my other buddies were getting done in a whole month, and I was ENJOYING doing it for the first time in my life.
My business took off, my game with girls got better, my friendships and relationships improved. I was running circles around every single “high performance” person I knew..
Caffeine didn’t appeal to me anymore one bit. I stopped consuming it altogether. My body’s a temple and I’m going to treat it as such. I said goodbye to energy drinks, too.
I stopped taking naps. I didn’t even feel the need to have one anymore, still don’t.
My blood work even improved dramatically in almost every category (things like cholesterol and blood sugar normalized, even my testosterone shot up like no other, my Doctor was amazed).
And the energy, the girls, the jets, the partying, and the freedom that came along with being a millionaire was all MINE, all because of that one realization that energy and productivity was the key to everything I wanted in life.
Scientists have found a direct correlation between the amount of work that gets done and success of an individual.

If we could increase your energy and productivity by 2, 4, 6, or even 8 hours, what would that mean for you?

You’d be able to get started on that side project you’ve been putting off for years now, and talk to that girl you’ve been avoiding, and finally GET SHIT DONE.

But it didn’t stop there.

It only got better, and after perfecting for the past 4 years, it’s finally ready for you.

And I’ll get to exactly how you can take advantage of all of this in just a second.

Even today, in 2016, as we had our last Elite Mentor Retreat, I worked 20 hour days.

That’s 3 days straight of nothing but writing newsletters, spearheading speeches, managing multiple 7-figure businesses, relationships, friendships, family, everything, handling with EASE.

I’m not saying you have to work 20 hours days, not even close, but..

Imagine what you could accomplish if you had the same energy and productivity?

Imagine if you even worked HALF the amount, what could you do with all of that?

Because I did math – that’s 60 hours in total.

And I didn’t even bat an eye because I was having fun.

My friend Justin Goff, who spoke to roaring applause at the event, even came up to me after and interrogated me afterwards at dinner:

“I don’t know how you have so much energy, I’m exhausted and all I did was talk for an hour. How are you doing it?”

In my mind, I just thought it’s a habit now. Energy is who I am.

Because what’s the alternative?

Continuing to wake up groggy, unable to think clearly and work for a couple of hours even though you’ve had more than your recommended “8 hours” according to doctors.
Downing coffee after coffee to keep up with the demands of life and suffering a nasty crash afterward, even though you know the havoc it’s wreaking on your health.
As soon as 12PM hits, you feel like shit with no pep in your step and you’re forced to push back yet again another project, lying to yourself that you’ll “do it tomorrow”.

Watching your body, looks, and health deteriorate right before your eyes as you don’t have enough energy to even go to the gym for a quick workout after a full work day.
Continuing to allow your low energy levels affect your mood in a way that makes you unpleasant to be around. No one likes a fvcking grumpy asshole around them, period.
Skipping out on opportunity after opportunity with business, friends, and WOMEN because you’re too tired to even notice (your bank account already hates you for this).

Watching your girlfriend or wife leave you because you don’t have enough energy to satisfy them in bed. I’ve seen it happen before and it’ll happen again if nothing changes.
Continuing to waste your precious money on expensive energy drinks that are filled with excess sugar and dangerous substances that science hasn’t even fully studied yet.
Napping your entire life away. Because while you’re sleeping, your competition is OUTWORKING you, and will end up beating you without breaking a sweat.
Seeing nothing get done, nothing getting executed, and your days WASTED.

Without energy, you lose the war on all fronts.

Health. Relationships. Business.
Flushed down the shitter.
AVoid ‘the Crash’
If you’re anything like me, coffee only lasts for a couple of hours.

And then what?

You crash into a depression harder than the 1930s, and you’re forced to drink another, and another.

Little do you know that same coffee is actually DESTROYING your adrenals, ruining your energy from the inside out.

I’ll show you how to rid yourself of coffee and energy drinks for good in 4X.

And whether you’d like to admit it or not, you’re not firing at 100% right now.

How can I be so drop dead sure?

Because when you’re tired for so long, your body tends to catch on.

In order to keep homeostasis, your health systems adapt to the lack of stimuli so efficiently that they actually accept “feeling like shit” as your new NORMAL. Scientists call it “downregulation”, and it’s been invisibly holding men like you back for decades. It will continue to do so, if nothing is done today.

This is also why you may feel deep down inside that something is “not right” with you, even though your doctor, who barely listens to what you say and too busy to even give a damn, just waves you off and says “Don’t worry about it, you’re fine.”

Don’t worry about it?

Are you f*cking kidding me?

Your life is at stake here, and he’s telling you “don’t worry about it”?

If I wasn’t so busy transforming the lives of men across the planet right now, I’d storm into his office with you and twist his head around so many times until he REALIZED THE DAUNTING URGENCY OF THIS EXHAUSTING PROBLEM like we do.

He thinks you should be happy with feeling average – the same as everyone else you know.

Cool Doc! Know what I say to that?

Being average is a disease.
Being mediocre is a disease.
Being tired is a disease.
And if you’ll stay with me here, I’m going to rid you of being tired altogether, revealing:
The secret to ridding yourself of low energy and brain fog that’s directly causing you to put off overdue projects, plans, and million-dollar ideas you’ve had for YEARS now.
How to rid yourself of anxiety and other energy-wasting emotions in 7 seconds flat, so that you can stop worrying and finally start doing more with your life.
My secret to knowing WHEN to sleep. How a principle discovered in the 1950s by Soviet scientists could mean you getting more energy with LESS sleep.
How to cure a Facebook addiction. The simple trick I’ve used to make it impossible for you to access time wasting sites that are robbing you of your energy and productivity.
The Harvard Proven 2-minute trick to feeling amazing all day, within the snap of a finger (all the professors at Harvard are using and raving about this new energy discovery)
When you learn these secrets, you’ll see why every high performer you know has high energy.

Because I’ve worked with CEOS of Fortune 500 companies, billionaires behind the scenes stimulating the economy for decades now, and A-List Hollywood celebrities that you’ve probably watched on Netflix and HBO in the last week.

What did they all have in common?

They ran on 100% energy.

Not 90%. Not 70%. Not 50%.

And that last 30% to 50% can mean the difference between someone who’s just getting by, living paycheck to paycheck, and someone who has the freedom to do what they want, when they want, with who they want.

See, while you may think you’re firing on all cylinders, you’re not.

Because compared to what’s possible, your energy levels are terrible right now.

But that’s not your fault, you’ve just been misled by the media, your parents, and traditional schooling for way too long to realize the havoc it’s wreaking on your energy and productivity.

And in just a second, I’m going to show you exactly how we’re going to fix it.. and unleash the tidal wave of energy that’s been locked away inside you for far too long.


Wistia video thumbnail – 4xEnergyTrailerNoAutoPlay
Born out of necessity, 4X Energy has been my secret weapon for years.

It’s what got me out of the hole I dug for myself years ago and something I continue to implement as the Team Capital family continues to grow stronger and stronger every day.

It’s what got me the girls, the money, and the freedom that you see all around me today.

Imagine having in your arsenal

The JC 3X Workflow Blueprint
My powerful template you can use to increase the amount of work you get done in a single day by 300% WITHOUT any extra effort on your part.

The JC Work Day Perfected
The unspoken secret to structuring your day for maximum efficiency. I use this alongside my clients who pay me $75,000 a year for the same intel.

The JC 4X Energy Template
Personalized, proven, and guaranteed to QUADRUPLE your energy without the use of dangerous pills, instantly skyrocketing your productivity.

The JC Supplement Stack
What supplements I take, when, and how I take them for maximum alertness WITHOUT the crash that usually follows (Men’s Health Edition).

Tricks of the trade I use on a daily basis to rid myself of downing coffee to stay awake. After this, you won’t need caffeine anymore.

4X Energy is the only thing on the market
that allows for long lasting, dominant
energy all day
Without putting annoying systems in place that just over complicate things..
Without having to resort to coffee and other dangerous stimulants that ruin your health..
Without being forced to take unnecessary naps throughout the day like you do now..
Without feeling burnt out, worn out, and bored after a few hours of working..
Without having to rearrange your entire life, this is your quick fix..

It WILL unlock hidden energy stores inside of you that you didn’t even know existed.

And just to make things more interesting..

Only 3 Team Capital Members
Have Seen This Footage Before
And they were at the live recording.

At the time of my writing this, less than a week has passed

Here’s what they had to say:
My life is going to be fvcking 4X better than I originally envisioned because of 4X Energy.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t interested in 4X Energy at first.

I thought to myself: “I’m not even getting 1X Energy now”, so I didn’t pull the trigger but after EMR, I decided it was time to become a man. No more bullshit excuses, no more bullshit people.


So I did just that, for the past 3 weeks, I’ve dedicated extra time to your trainings allowing me to finish projects for my music career that I’ve been holding off on, a client of mine just scored ANOTHER blog premiere on Noisey, and I’m well on my way to starting my own record label in 2017.

Did I mention it’s been less than a month?

That’s why you take action. That small, and I do mean small investment that I made on this training turned out to be a FVCKING WATERFALL of over delivery and environmental exposure.

The paradigm shifts. The bad habits and OCD loops. The Dan Pena resources. The unleashing of every single of my energy reserves (which I feel opening up). The mental reference points. The 5 biggest energy killers. The finding of my “Magic Time”.


I’m going to be the most sought after music producer in the fvcking world because of 4X Energy.

I’m now even more free to do whatever the fvck I want to take me to new heights in all areas of my life because of 4X Energy.

My life is going to be fvcking 4X better than I originally envisioned because of 4X Energy.

You’ve be a fvcking sucker not to invest in this. Definitely ONLY for your top guys.

Again dude, I absolutely cannot THANK YOU enough.

Bryan Erlich – Los Angeles, California

I immediately used 4X Energy to add ANOTHER $10,764 to our business (and it’s only been 3 weeks)
“Before 4X Energy, my thoughts about energy were like taxes to an 8 year old kid..

Remember what that was like? All those years, taxes would drain mom or dad’s income and although it was a pretty big deal for them, we didn’t have a clue.

As we grew up, more and more people would complain about taxes, grown-ups warning us about them, but of course, we’re all guilty on some level of saying, “Yeah..but it’s not gonna be that bad for me..”

It isn’t until the day you’re excited to cash in you first hard-earned
Like the old saying goes, “You don’t know what you don’t know until you know it..”

4X Energy was that freight train and I was SHOCKED about how behind I was from the Steve Aoki’s, the Arnold Schwarznegger’s, and Donald Trump’s in terms of energy, but here’s the difference..

Unlike my first payday, you took my “energy paycheck”, fire-proofed it and added a couple zeroes to the end…

Metaphors aside—fast forward less than a month later and today my personal income has literally—don’t laugh—gone up by 4X, I can easily crank out work for 16-18 and sometimes 20 hours straight if I want to, and in less than a week I learned virtually everything about this insanely complicated marketing tool that I knew NOTHING about and immediately used it to add another $10,764 to our business.

Did I mention that it’s been less than a month since I went through it? (And admittedly, I haven’t even used HALF of the 4X Energy Boosters yet…I can only imagine what’s gonna happen when I use ALL of it.. )

I hate clichés, but here it is Jason, “I was blind but now I see”

Thanks so much for sharing this :slightly_smiling_face:

Alexander Pullman

P.S. That Grape Trick almost works too well…”

Newport, California

Alexander Pullman – Las Vegas, Nevada

I made $35,432 last month because of 4X Energy..
Here’s my thing about 4X Energy…

I don’t like to blatantly expose my personal income to the public but in this case I feel it’s important because I think it’ll drive the point about 4X Energy home..

In the months before I was there to see the program with my own eyes I had suffered from some internal problems that I don’t even want to get into leading me to drop over $1,000 on blood tests so I could get to the bottom of this “energy situation”. I wanted to get it up to the level it needed to be so I could start making WAVES in my life instead of ripples.

The fact is, I tried EVERYTHING…coffee, pills, the works and I just noticed I still felt as sh*tty as ever and on a day-to-day basis I wasn’t making much progress.

After Jason brought me to that first live filming, that was it for me and I made $35,432 this month and I’m just getting warmed up.

The more time you waste thinking about it, the more ripples you’re gonna fill your life with versus the waves you could be making.

Mark Clienfeld – San Diego, California

Simply put, every Team Capital members needs this in their arsenal.

Here’s more of what’s inside 4X Energy:
Did you know?
Scientists have found that over 80% of people crash as soon as lunchtime hits.

Sounds familiar?

12PM hits, and you’ve suddenly found yourself unable to work, process thoughts, and even carry out simple tasks.

That type of mediocrity stops NOW, and on this page, I’m going to give you the quick fix to rid yourself of that altogether.

JC’s Energy Tool Box: 17 energy hacks from inside my treasure chest that no one else teaches about skyrocketing energy on YOUR own terms (and not the other way around).
Ben Franklin’s “21-Day Vigor Blueprint”. The tiny secret behind the man’s discovery of electricity, success, and the trick getting more done in a 10th of time it’d usually take.
My biggest 4 paradigm shifts revealed by an earlier mentor that QUADRUPLED my energy in a matter of minutes. The second and third ones will blow your fvcking mind.
Long lasting energy is only reserved for a certain number of hours, right? WRONG! That’s what the media wants you to believe and I’ll explain why in the first 5 minutes.
My famous “Contrast Principle Of Energy” explained. I’ve been paid thousands for this before, and today, it’ll give you a surge of energy through the day whenever you need it.
My sneaky trick you can use to find you “Magic Time” and hit your creative strut fast, personalizing your day to fit YOUR needs, and not the other way around (and if you’ve ever had a boss at work, you know what I’m talking about here).
Why having an end time is just as important as having a start time, and exactly how to find it so you’re not stuck wasting your time with minuscule tasks that don’t make money.
My “Ferrari Method Of Energy”. Used by all my top performers daily to get into INSTANT FLOW, from the second they wake up to when they decide to sleep (The key word here is “decide”. They can keep going, if they decide to. And after this, you’ll be able to too.)
The FOMO myth.. and how to stop priming yourself for the deadly trap of feeling left out of plans. We’ve all felt it, and after 2 minutes, it won’t even be on your radar anymore.
The 4 simple words guaranteed to rid yourself of the opinion of negative critics (thick stick in a gift of God, as Dan Pena says, and I’m going to show you exactly how to get it).
My 3 sneaky tactics I’ve used for years to increase my “emotional bank account” and how it’s directly grown the size and put cash deposits into my actual bank account.
How to rid yourself of time vampires without being a dick about it (the average person has 13 daily vampires that they’re falling prey to right now, what about YOU champ?).
My trick to creating endless momentum from the second you wake up, propelling yourself toward success with business and women starting first thing in the morning.
The JC Diet Explained. How the timing, types, and sequencing of foods matters, and how you can catapult energy without complicating things (takes a couple of minutes).
The fact is, the foods you’re eating right now are KILLING your energy and productivity levels right now.

This is something that the media and supplement companies you’re so fond of would shit the bed if they knew I was revealing to you.


Because their profits would fall, and in 4X Energy, I’m dropping every Truth Bomb I have.

The Harvard 4-Step Power Pose. Scientifically proven to increase testosterone, flood your system with good emotions, pack on lean muscle, and increase productivity for you.
The Tony Robbins Method for incantations (you’re probably fvcking this up completely).
JC’s Famous 15 Food Rule. How you can simply your entire diet for increased energy, focus, and productivity (regardless of current restrictions, allergies, or intolerances).
My Illegal Substance X-Files. Two of my secret weapons when it comes to guaranteeing results, and the trick to using them correctly (it’s NOT what you think it is right now).
My Billion Dollar Song Ritual. The trick I used with Dan Pena to anchor high energy levels through the day (if it’s good enough for Billionaires, it’s good enough for you).
A full day of eating with JC. Your one chance to follow me for day to see what I eat, how I prepare it, how I eat, and when I eat for maximum energy. No one has seen this before.
NEVER eat these popular insulin spiking, creativity blunting, energy robbing foods, destroying your energy, promoting fat gain, and increase cortisol (what you don’t want).
My sneaky trick to ridding yourself of taking unnecessary, time wasting naps throughout the day. I haven’t taken one in years, don’t need them, and after this, you won’t either.
How to stop falling in the trap of putting projects off “until later”. You’re probably guilty of this, and I’m going to show you how to rid yourself of that, for good, in the first 7 minutes.
Do you have enough energy to hit the gym after work or would you rather continue to watch your health deteriorate instead? Here’s exactly how to fix that, step-by-step.
Why your energy levels right now are currently throwing cash away, destroying your opportunities with women and business, and exactly what we can do about it, together.
Relationship with your girlfriend or spouse suffering because of work? Work isn’t the problem; your energy is. Here’s how to keep up with the demands of life so she doesn’t leave you for someone who can (I’ve seen it happen before, it’s not pretty).
Adrenal fatigue? Nonsense. It’s because your caffeine needs are actually working against you, rather than for you. Here’s the secret to reclaiming your health and energy.
My secret to having laser like focus all day long (WITHOUT Adderall, mind you).
Here’s how do a quick audit of your surroundings and ensure your environment isn’t one that’s sucking away at your energy. And here’s the exact blueprint on how to fix it, too.
My secret to waking up excited and with an unmatched ZEST for life, not because you have to, but because you WANT to. Reclaim your youth now, even if you’re still young.
Jitter free energy. How to find it, harness it, and KEEP it for yourself, all day long.
How you can improve your concentration so that you can focus on work, travel, or just making day to day decisions without having to waste precious energy stressing about it.
How to finally be happy where your life is headed as a direct result of your newfound productivity and energy on projects YOU want done, not under someone else’s bidding.
There’s more. I could go on for ages. But you get the gist of it.

Now imagine what life would be like if even had ONE of these tools at your disposal..

Because more energy enables you to do the things you’re not doing right now that’s stopping you from being successful; I’m talking being able to stay up all night, approach that girl you’ve always wanted, and start on that side business you’ve been putting off for years now.

Imagine popping out of bed first thing in the morning filled with boundless energy, ditching the expensive coffee, instead ready to dominate every single moment of your day.

Imagine being able to finally get back to your hobbies, the shit you love doing (but never had the never-ending fuel to do so) because your energy and productivity aren’t limited anymore.

Imagine increasing your productivity 10, 20, or even 30X, what would that mean for you?
Imagine having so much energy and productivity to get shit done that your family, friends, and coworkers can’t seem to keep up, and have them BEGGING to know your secret.


I’m Unleashing Everything I Know, Have Learned, Tested, and Experienced Over The Past 4 Years.
And if you’ve read this far then I know you’re probably interested – as every Team Capital member who truly wants to become successful and free should be – so here’s the good news:

I’ve Deliberately Made This Affordable
Because when I originally pre sold this program to a few lucky Team Capital Members at a live event, they SWARMED the back table with their credit cards already in hand, like bees to honey.

One guy even had the audacity to offer me 10K just to buy it outright, right then and there.

Considering this is the reason for all my success today, I’d be losing money by selling it for that.

But I’m not doing this for money, if I was, I’d charge a fvck ton more and still sell out, so naturally, I shook my head, and pointed him to the line forming behind the sales desk.

WIth that being said, you’re not going to be paying 10k today.

I won’t even charge as much as it would cost you to try and figured this all out on your own, put in YEARS of sleepless nights researching, tweaking, and testing and still get ZERO results.

In fact, you’re going to investing less than HALF of what everyone at the pre selling event paid.

So go ahead, click the button below and let’s 4X your energy and 4X your success, right now:

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It’s foolish to even think about passing up on something like this.

Even if we were to increase your energy by 10%, which is the bare minimum of what you can expect, what will that mean for your productivity if you had an extra two hours a day?

What if you had 4 hours? What about 6?

Because productivity adds up like no other, and this program will pay for itself in the first use.

And just to sweeten the deal even further, I’ve decided to throw these in:


Ever want to see me live?

Well now, you can.

Here’s the deal: if you wanted to consult with me normally in person, it would run you a $4,400 deposit for the first hour.

And that’s just the first hour, after you pass through a 5 to 7 month waiting list, and which point I still can decide to ultimately not work with you if I don’t think we’re a good fit.

But for everyone who orders their copy of 4X today (and TODAY only), I’ll be giving you a FREE COMPLIMENTARY TICKET to my next 4X Energy Event, coming up January 25th, 2017 in California.

You’ll spend a whole day with me (and a couple of surprise guests) in Sunny Southern California where I can answer your most pressing energy and productivity questions in person, take you by the hand and walk you through the entire ADVANCED system that goes along with 4X (not shown on this page), and how to make every single one of your results PERMANENT (like a sharpie on paper).

Just show up, and let me do the rest.

Can’t make it?

No problem, send in your questions, and we’ll record the whole thing for you.

Your $300 VIP Launch Discount EXPIRES In:


Ever wonder what’s in my green juice?

As of right now, our head of customer support Sophie has tallied over 13,455+ requests for it through emails, Facebook messages, texts, and even random tweets every now and then.

And up until now, I haven’t revealed it anywhere on any sort of medium.

I drink it everyday, because this shit works. And it’s one of the reasons my energy is through the roof, I can fvck 5+ times a day if I wanted to, and doctors are still amazed at my blood markers.

In this video, I’ll reveal step by step:
Exactly what’s inside MY green juice, down to the last gram (you can find all the ingredients at your local grocery store, so don’t worry about it not being available).
Why it’s not just the ingredients, but the AMOUNTS that matter most for healthy, long lasting energy. The cool thing is, this translates to almost every single meal you’ll ever have moving forward (and it’s why the juice from the story earlier made me feel worse).
The single-worst mistake everyone and their brother is making right now when they put together the ingredients for their smoothies and juices.. (this single factor accelerates aging, pads fat where your abs should be and actually increases brain fog…learn this, use this, save this and you’ll never get caught suffering like them)
And today the recipe is yours, free of charge.


Back in 2012, I was 152lbs.

Now a days, I’m right around 190lbs, at the same body fat percentage.

That means I put on a total of 38lbs of pure, lean muscle, without the use of any crazy powders, potions or needles.

What does that mean for you and your energy?

It means the more muscle you carry, the higher your metabolism is. And the higher your metabolism is, the faster your body can generate energy for you from the foods you eat compared to every single one of your friends and family members.

And in this eye opening video, I’ll walk you through:
Why the protein shake you take right now is destroying your insides, and how you’ve been manipulated by the media and supplement companies into drinking something that’s damaging your health.
The sneaky 45 cent ingredient that I put in every single of one my protein shakes to ensure I’m packing on muscle and skyrocketing energy as efficiently as possible, even when I’m sleeping.
Should you throw this popular supplement away? The #1 ingredient found in most protein shakes that you’ve been wasting your money and time on for years now.
And I’m not done there.

In addition to the 2 free gifts, you’ll also receive..


Why am I throwing this in?

Because ever since releasing ACTION to Team Capital, we’ve received nothing but praise, countless testimonials, unboxing videos, and hours footage of guys taking it every morning.

Which is really dope, except for one thing:

They were all taking it WRONG..

Inside, I’ll reveal:
The CORRECT way to take ACTION (how I’ve been taking it for years) and how to fit it in with any existing diet regardless of any pesky dietary restrictions that you might have.
How to double or even TRIPLE your results with ACTION by making this one tweak that I’m going to reveal to you within the first minute of this complementary gift,
The 3 little steps to AVOIDING tolerance build up while getting the most out of ACTION every single time you use it (it’s like taking it for the first time, every time).
All three bonuses, yours FREE today, and today only when you join us inside now:

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Click Here To Start Now For Only 97!
And before you even say anything,
let me put your mind at ease
Your order today is 100%
covered by my Iron Clad Guarantee.

Your order today is 100% covered by my Iron Clad Guarantee.

In fact, I’m allowing you to take the entire system for a test drive for the next 60 days.

Because I get the turmoil that comes with buying things online. You’re skeptic, I get that.

But I also get that transformational results don’t lie and once you see for yourself just how many dormant energy stores are inside of you, just how your life (and the lives of the people around you) change as a direct result of this system, you’ll never look back.

And you’re just one click away from that.

Go ahead and test out if what I say is true.

I’m perfectly fine with putting my money where my mouth is.

That’s why if you still think I haven’t over delivered, just contact us at [email protected] and I’ll personally see to it that we refund your investment, down to the last penny.

No quarreling or quibbling.

Just a prompt refund.

This is a no-brainer by any standards.

Join the guys already pouring in, and unlock your true potential with me, right now:
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Click Here To Start Now For Only 97!
To quote my mentor:

“It’s not taking a risk. You’re
giving yourself a chance.”

Dan Pena – The 50 Billion Dollar Man
Understand that it’s ME who’s taking the risk and it’s YOU giving yourself a chance.

This is simply you giving yourself a well deserved chance for 60 days. A shot.

A shot at what life WILL be like with your newfound energy.

When you can finally wake up fresh, alert, and ready to dominate whatever life, work, or your woman throws your way with a sly smirk on your face, with 4X by your side.
When you finally get more done in a single day than every other person you know, including the closest of friends, coworkers, and family members to the point where they’re asking YOU for advice.
When you can finally get started and FINISH that side project you’ve been putting off for years now. There’s no better than time than RIGHT NOW to begin with 4X Energy.
When you can finally rid yourself of naps obstructing the flow of things, ditch the coffee, Red Bull, 5 Hour Energy, and have all natural, long lasting, dominant energy for hours.
When you can finally have enough time in the day to do the things you LOVE, going back to your hobbies that you’ve had to put off because you’ve been tired otherwise.
Give yourself a chance for all of this to happen, as the biggest benefit is what it’ll do for your personal life, allowing you to finally start doing what you love again.

Because when senior citizens are asked what they regret most, do you know what they say?

“Not spending enough time doing what I truly loved”.
And this, right here and now, is your chance to do just that.

Because with boundless energy given to you by 4X Energy, you’re limitless in your life.

You’re free to do what you LOVE because tasks that used to take days are now taking minutes, and you feel refreshed and great doing them.

The money. The girls. The jets. The income. The freedom. The happiness. The fulfilment.

All yours, just a single click away. That’s why you need to join us now, while this is still up.

You have nothing to lose other than the best years of your life:

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I’ll see you on the inside.

Your $300 VIP Launch Discount EXPIRES In:

To Business, Brotherhood and Banging,

Jason Capital
America’s #1 Dating & Success Coach

P.S. Here’s another interesting quote I picked up from Pena:

“For 51% of the day, you may
as well have not existed”

Dan Pena – The 50 Billion Dollar Man
So much truth in just thirteen words.

Because I’m positive that if you were to sit down and map out your last 48 hours, you’d realize that you’ve gotten just a small fraction done of what your potential held, and you’re still confused why you simply didn’t get more done – why you still don’t have your life completely together.

It’s because for more than half the day, you’re as good as dead.

God, the universe, nature, whatever you wanna call it has given you this gift to live, to grow, to contribute, to prosper and you’ve just pissed more than half of it away.

You know what really gets me? The pain and hardships my grandparents, great-grandparents, ancestors put up with for me to be alive today. And to think I’d wasted so much of my finite, dwindling time before on naps? And feeling sorry for myself? I’m downright embarrassed. And I swear to never go another day allowing poor energy to rob me of life – MY life. What about you?

And consider what happens when you choose to miss out on this life-changing transformation today…

Nothing gets done.

Nothing gets finished.

Nothing gets executed.

I mean, what could you do with your life if you had that 51% back?

Because right now, your potential is being wasted every single day.

I’m not standing for it anymore.

And if you’re as smart as I think you are, you won’t either.

Let’s pump you full with LIFE and transform you into an ENERGY BEAST, right now:

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P.P.S. Still not convinced?

I get you might have something questions for me, so, here goes:

Q “What is 4X Energy?” – Roy L.
Q “How long will they take to get to me?” – Jordie M.
Q “What’s in it, and what can I expect?” – Stanley D.
Q “How much is 4X Energy?” – Mark C.
Q “What if it doesn’t work for me?” – Lorenzo A.
Q “What do I do now?” – Konnor J.

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